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Fusion cell therapy

(1) Fusion cell therapy is a cancer treatment that has been conducting clinical research in Japan and overseas. Fusion cell therapy was developed at the Dana-Faber Cancer Research Institute at Harvard University, and it is a cancer treatment that has been conducted in clinical research, and it is a cancer treatment that uses the patient’s own cancer cells to attack cancer.

(2) Fusion cell therapy prepares only one custom-made cancer vaccine in the world. We generate new cells from the patient’s own cells (dendritic cells) and cancer cells, prepare a custom-made cancer vaccine, and administer the vaccine to the patient by subcutaneous injection.

(3) Fusion cell therapy can also respond to mutations in cancer cells and specifically attack cancer. Even if the cancer cells themselves mutate, this fusion cell therapy has almost all cancer information (cancer antigen information) of the patient and issues a command to killer T cells (CTLs) that attack cancer cells. This killer T cell (CTL) specifically attacks cancer cells.

Bak therapy

(1) In “BAK therapy”, the immune cells to be cultured recognize normal cells on the contrary, and other abnormal cells, that is, attack cancer cells. Therefore, it is extremely effective because it attacks abnormal cells (cancer cells) other than normal cells.

(2) Cancer treatment NK/gamma-t-T cells (CD56-positive), which are independently used in the immune cell “BAK therapy”, suppress killer activity (the force to attack cells) when recognizing HLA-I (white blood cell antigen) of normal cells. It does not attack normal cells. For cancer cells, cells that do not have HLA-I (white blood cell antigen) are not recognized as self-cells and attack. In addition, NK and gamma-t-T cells (CD56-positive) recognize and attack MIC A/B molecules expressed in abnormal cells such as cancer cells with NKG2D molecules. This mechanism also does not attack normal cells.

(3) Using its own serum-free medium, the immune cells to be cultured is overwhelmingly grown to more than 10 billion pieces

Cancer Treatment The serum-free ALyS-BAK medium used in the immune cell “BAK therapy” has a very good immune cell proliferation function compared to other media. In addition, because it does not use human serum, there is no risk of infection such as unknown viruses and mycoplasma.

New NK cell therapy

(1) Activation of NK cells using Herceptin and gamma globulin, an anticancer agent for breast cancer.

(2) Growth promotion by high concentration IL2 (700 to 1,000 units / ml)

(3) The newly developed NK cell-specific culture solution achieves 1.5 times the growth performance of conventional cultures.

(4) Shipping standards, total number of cells 3 billion or more, the purity of CD56-positive cells is set to 60% or more.


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